Cheesy is a fictional build your own mac and cheese restaurant based in Fort Worth, TX. The pasta is resembled in the logo, and the askew nature of the logo shows that you can really make the mac & cheese your own.
The menu consists of three colors, but focuses on two. The cheesy orange color is the primary focus throughout the menu. The transition panel has a fun pattern that pays tribute to the “c” in the Cheesy logo. The right panel on the inside is dedicated to the “build your own” portion of the menu. 
The most eye catching part of the menu is the transition panel, so I wanted to feature it in the flat art project. The front of the menu is also featured to show what the consumer would reach for. The macaroni noodles bring the whole design together.
Cheesy’s storefront displays the logo proudly on the white brick wall by the door. The design is clean and sleek while allowing the natural brick to shine through. The cheesy drip was added to enhance the design.

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