Some Like It Hot Movie Poster
This Some Like It Hot movie poster is featured at the Marilyn Film Festival. The headline "Quick Act Natural" takes from the movie in that nothing about the movie is the characters acting natural. Joe and Jerry are on the run from a mob and dress themselves in drag to pass as two female musicians. They have to conceal their identity from the female band and mob. Trust me — there's plenty of close calls in this movie.
"Quick Act Natural" is made out of lipstick stains I placed on white foam core and photographed. For the faint powder look, I wiped layers foundation onto a piece of foam core, photographed it in natural light, and retouched it in Photoshop.
Marilyn Film Festival Direct Mailer
The Marilyn Film Festival is a tribute to Marilyn, so it made since to let her work speak for herself. The front emulates her Hollywood Star with the dates of her life. The star opens to the left with a glamorous headshot of her and a famous quote from her on the right. The quote then flips and opens to a spread with the information about the festival and a summary to entice people to attend. The mailer finally opens to the schedule in the form of a camera reel. 
The mailer is very intentional with every turn. By the time the mailer is fully open, the viewer is still able to see the most important parts: Marilyn, the festival information, and the movies and times. 
The development of this brand was very hands on. The logo is hand-drawn and imported into Adobe Illustrator for tracing and manipulating further. Many hours of sketching and manipulating went into the process of the logo to ensure the curves, ascenders, and descenders were cohesive. The words film festival contrasted the script of Marilyn and show the connection to the movie industry. Lastly, the curves of the script and lines above and below "Film Festival" were interlocked to connect the pieces together.
The lips pattern as well as the tan texture was achieved by hand. Going out I purchased many makeup products and experimented with the way the products appeared on different pieces of foam core, board, and canvas. The lips were created by applying lipstick and pressing my lips in various ways on a piece of board. I experimented with how different ways of applying the lipstick and my lips (over lining, puckering, flat-pressing) transcribed to the board.
The texture was made by applying foundation and powder with my fingers and various brushes to foam core, board, and canvas. I found that canvas produced the most texture of the actual streaks of makeup. 
When taking pictures for the use of digital manipulation, sun and shade were used to capture the true texture of the lips, foundation, and powder.

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