PrescGo Pharmacy is a conceptual drive-thru pharmacy based in Dallas, TX, standing for prescriptions on the go. It is targeted towards millennials who don’t have the time to wait in long lines at the Pharmacy with their busy schedules. The simple logo gets the point across that it’s a pharmacy with the symbol for medical prescription prominent in the logo.
The concept of a drive-thru pharmacy has no storefront. This prevents the pharmacist and pharmacy technicians to solely devote their time to their drive-thru customers. Most lines in pharmacies are long, both in store and in the drive-thru due to the workers having to balance two different systems. PrescGo is an efficient system to get prescriptions directly to the consumer, in a fast-paced environment.
Let's face it, if you had the option to not wait in long pharmacy lines (either in store, or in the drive-thru) wouldn't you? 

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