Camille, named for the green tea plant Camellia Sinesis, is a matcha makeup company striving to provide the best finish on the skin while simultaneously working to nourish the skin. Don't worry, your skin will be sure to glow when wearing Camille.
Camille is a year-long thesis project consisting of extensive research and branding. Five case studies and one literature review were conducted before designing Camille. Camille is the solution to two main problems within the cosmetic industry: skincare and shade matching.
Camille's USP, matcha, protects the skin from UV rays and pollutants, soothes the skin, and reduces signs of aging — all while providing a flawless finish you would want from your makeup.
Camille utilizes a logotype for the primary logo to ensure quick recognition from the consumer when shopping. The script is contrasted by the tag, Matcha Makeup, set in a tall, sanserif giving the brand a bold, modern feel. Finally, the logo is rounded out by the hand-drawn illustration of the green tea leaves. 
The logomark combines the of script, C with the tea leaf illustration. The modern typeset of Camille is found on the makeup packaging.
Camille uses 5 shades of green with a contrasting, rich purple.
A vital part of this cosmetic brand is photography. This art-directed photo shoot was done to capture the beauty of the design as well as the products in use. Extra props such as a matcha and bamboo whisks and scoops were added to connect the product back to the traditional Japanese green tea ceremony.
Droppers of three foundation shades, light, medium, and dark, are available for purchase. People’s skin tones change throughout the year due to sun exposure, but most companies make the consumer purchase a whole other bottle of foundation. These small droppers will allow the user to alter the color of the foundation to what they need without having to purchase whole bottles of the product. since this is not common in the industry, this is another way Camille will drive traffic to the products.
A clean, responsive website was built to show off the products with ease. Favorite products are shown in the scrolling list on the light green background. The essential question of why should people buy matcha makeup is answered at the end of the page. The product page shows essential information like price and description as well as product shots of the shade shown.
The tablet and mobile sizes include the same information, just reformatted for optimal viewing.
Social media is a vital part of the company. Social media advertisements use eye-catching photos as well as educational information about the company.

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